Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall Cleanrooms have a metal frame with walls manufactured from transparent plastic material. They either have overlapping strips or one piece welded walls. They are more likely to be a temporary solution and have a limited classification.

  • GMP / ISO Classification (Limited Classifications)
  • Bespoke to suit application.

The softwall cleanroom is usually at a positive pressure over the surrounding area so as to ensure that any air leakage is removed from the room into the local environment and not the reverse.

The performance of the filters is monitored to ensure a consistent performance and consistent air flow rate over the life of the filters. As the room is a closed environment, the air is conditioned to control temperature, air quality, ventilation and, if required, relative humidity. Building services such as electrical power and compressed air may be introduced to service any client machinery or equipment. Fresh air is introduced to suit operating requirements and contaminated air can be extracted, ensuring that the internal conditions are maintained at all times.