Hardwall Cleanrooms

  • Bespoke to suit application
  • GMP / ISO Classification (all Classifications)


  • Laminar air flow
  • Turbulent air flow
  • Diffused air flow
  • Ventilated Ceiling
  • Staff Changing Room and Air Lock
  • Air Shower
  • Relative Humidity Control
  • Computer interface controls and remote reporting alarms fault diagnosis and programming
  • Small power and Data distribution
  • 100% fresh air systems
  • Negative pressure rooms for Biological Hazards


  • Coved skirting, and all internal angles
  • Vinyl welded floor
  • Double glazed windows
  • Lighting to 500 lux minimum
  • Air Conditioning with temperature and relative humidity control
  • HEPA filtration
  • Custom designed to meet client requirements.

Hardwall cleanrooms are constructed from anti-static laminate-faced sheet steel insulated panels built within an existing building where sterilization and particulate filtration is important. The tasks undertaken in the clean room will dictate its classification in relationship to its cleanliness and air flow requirements. The air movement (Laminar, Diffused or Turbulent) is also important and once again is dependent on the task undertaken.

  • They can have positive or negative pressure.
  • As the room is a closed environment, the air is conditioned to control temperature, ventilation and, if required, relative humidity.
  • Building services such as electrical power and compressed air may be introduced to service any client machinery or equipment.
  • Fresh air is introduced to suit operating requirements and contaminated air can be extracted, ensuring that the internal conditions are maintained at all times.

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