Close controlled and clean room environments

For our clients that need close control environments to deliver their services we regularly design supply and install turnkey projects including a vapour proof room, doors, vision panels, suspended ceiling, lighting, flooring, ventilation, electrics and all HVAC plant and controls required to maintain temperature to within 1°C of set point and Relative Humidity (%) to within 5 – 2.5% of set point (depending on design).

Recent projects include the design, supply and installation of Leather Conditioning Stores in the bespoke shoe manufacturing industry where storing part finished leather goods at 23°C and 80% RH reduces the incidence of materials breaking down during the manufacturing process.

We design, supply, service and maintain rooms to our clients in the Materials Testing industry who typically require laboratories and stores to be maintained at 23°C and 50% RH to ensure standards of product testing are consistent and therefore relevant.

We deliver clean room environments that ensure precise particle-free conditions necessary in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, sensitive electronic components. These rooms can be hard wall, soft wall or combinations of both.

That we can deliver this type of project in house is key to the ability to provide ongoing advice, service and maintenance to keep the facility operating at optimum conditions throughout its period of use.